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... So let's keep it that way by taking proper care of our piercings! We've compiled a list of aftercare instructions in case you're forgotten.

Some universal rules before we begin:

Do not touch your piercings unless you are cleaning them.
Your hands accumulate a lot of bacteria during the day. No touchy!

Do not use q-tips or cotton balls to clean your piercings.

The cotton fibers can become stuck in the piercing site, causing issues.

Do not apply any oils, ointments, or salves.

Your piercing needs to breathe to heal; don't suffocate it.

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Always wash your hands thoroughly prior to touching your piercing in any capacity.

To keep your piercing clean, flush the piercing site from each side 2-3 times per day with a saline solution.


We recommend NeilMed Piercing Aftercare, a top-of-the-line aftercare solution. This is available for sale in both large and small cans at GGT.

Gently use your fingertips to break up and remove any buildup. For nostrils and septums, this includes inside the nose.

DO NOT TWIST YOUR JEWELRY. This will only damage the tissue and extend the healing period.

See Continued Care below for more info.

Lip Piercings



Always wash your hands thoroughly prior to touching your piercing in any capacity.

For oral piercings, we recommend flushing with mouthwash or Biotene promptly in the following circumstances:

  • When you wake up

  • Before you go to bed

  • After you've eaten something

  • After you've smoked any substances

Flush the external part of lip piercings with saline solution in the morning and at night.

Be wary of consuming things with active yeast cultures (such as beer or yogurt) for 30 days, as it could cause a yeast infection.

Continued Care below for more info.

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This initial healing period lasts for 30 days. Once this has completed, you may swap to a continued care regimen.

Non-Oral Piercings

Flush gently with saline solution 2-3 times per week, or as needed due to additional buildup. It is normal for piercings to secrete discharge even after they are healed.

Oral Piercings

Flush with mouthwash or Biotene once daily. For lip piercings, cleanse the external part with saline solution 2-3 times per week.


Full Healing Time

Full healing time for piercings is generally 12 - 18 months. Even after that length of time, it is possible that the tissue may close together if jewelry is left out for too long.

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Providing you are not experiencing difficulties or problems with your piercing, it is safe to swap jewelry after 30 days.

Gitchee Gumee Tattoo and Sorry Dad Tattoo is happy to provide assistance when the time arrives! If you purchase new jewelry from us, we will be happy to put it in for you at no charge.

If you are swapping your jewelry at home, always make sure that you cleanse your jewelry with alcohol before insertion.


Using a tiny amount of triple antibiotic ointment can help guide the jewelry through the piercing site.

Finally, leave jewelry in at all times if you want to keep the piercing!

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